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Switched On Education has provided a comprehensive online digital education curriculum to the UK, European and African schools and homeschoolers since 2011.

These courses are not only rigorous and interactive but provide an instruction-based online digital curriculum, encouraging students to consider challenging questions.

When you enrol with us, your student receives an individualized learning plan based on his goals, his current academic standing, and his style of learning. A personalized academic support team of teachers, advisors, and counsellors is then selected to ensure your student has a strong foundation for achievement.

All online education providers can seem the same, but we take the time to create a roadmap to your student’s true educational success. Pinpointing your student’s current academic situation, we create a lesson plan structure with the help of placement tests that centre on what your student needs to learn to graduate.

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Switched-On Education offers courses for the following, KS2 (Ages 7-10), KS3 (Ages 11-14), and High School Diploma.

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SwitchedOn Education digital curriculum

KS2 (Ages 7-10)

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KS3 (Ages 11-14)

KS3 (Ages 11-14)

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USA High school graduation

HS Diploma

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Here’s what our happy students have to say about our courses

“I was a student at Switched On Education for 5 years since I was 11 years old till 16. I was having a hard time with school and lacked the one-to-one time with teachers to be properly taught lessons, the teachers at my old school told me that I had a disability in learning math and I would never be able to properly learn mathematics. I noticed when I started using the Switched-On Education curriculum I was starting to learn! At the end of the program, I got an A in mathematics and English and the college I attended was amazed at my grades.

This would never have been a reality if it were not for the Switched-On Education curriculum. Many thanks to Graham and Cheryl.”


“Switched-On Education is fast and reliable”


“The first time EVER, that I have to TELL Mark to take a break from schoolwork!”


“She loves it so much I have to get her off her PC sometimes 🙂 It’s a great system!”