Our affordable monthly homeschooling fees cover all the online curriculum, assessments, and tests with a once-off £100 per family administration fee.

Please contact our offices between 9.00 am and 2.30 pm Monday to Friday on 07732 369989 or by email gary@switchedoneducation.co.uk

KS2(Ages 7-10)

  • £99 with support

KS3 (Ages 11-14)

  • £125 with support

HS Dip KS4

  • With Support


Academic Support/Hours/Tutoring

Grading of the academic work, personal interaction, and motivation between student, qualified teacher, and staff, is provided. Academic hours: 8 am – 2 pm during South African school terms. Students can book a tutor session with a specific tutor via an online booking calendar.

TEAMS Conferences

Quarterly Teams conferences take place in groups with the students as well as parents.

Student Conferences

Motivational and educational topics are discussed as a group according to the various ages.

Parent Conferences

Know what’s coming up with our easy-to-use handy screens that show your child’s daily assignments, a curriculum overview, due dates, subject reviews, and test scores. Relevant topics and training are discussed with parents to equip them as home-based learning parents.


Communication takes place via WhatsApp call, messages, e-mail, Microsoft TEAMS, and on the built-in program.


The Institute has a mobile phone where WhatsApp calls and messages can be sent to.


The program has a built-in Message and Help function which enables the student and teacher to speak directly with each other.

Microsoft TEAMS

All communication with registered families takes place via Microsoft TEAMS. (A free license will be provided)

Frequently Asked Questions

The digital curriculum starts from Year 4 (England) grade 3 in the US. All work is presented online but if parents wish their child/ren to complete work in written format this can be done when completing Projects or Science Experiments as well as any other manually graded work.

Generally speaking, a student needs to be completing 2 assignments per subject per day. As the assignments are of varying lengths students should spend approximately 45 minutes per subject per day but this is subject to the length of assignment and number of sections per assignment coupled with the ability of the student. Please factor in all these components and remember to give students comfort and snack or food breaks throughout the day.

The exit qualification is an American High School diploma that works on the credit system when completing subjects. If the student completes all the necessary work related to that subject they will receive the assigned credits and when they completed the necessary credits they will receive the certificate. This certificate has been accepted by NARIC which is a comparability organisation, to the GCSEs in England.

The cost includes access to ALL subjects within the Switched-On Education curriculum.
You will find the Placement Tests when you type in “tests” in the Course Assignment screen. Here is a video on placement tests
I suggest that you assign the Math and Language Arts Placement Tests as these subjects are what I call CONCEPT subjects where prior knowledge is required and its learning is similar to building a wall where one brick needs to be securely in place before adding the next one. Mastery in these subjects is vital. The other subjects are CONTENT subjects where the students are presented with content at their chronological age level therefore I suggest that students begin on those subjects at their chronological or reading level.


Here’s what our happy students have to say about our courses

“I was a student at Switched On Education for 5 years since I was 11 years old till 16. I was having a hard time with school and lacked the one-to-one time with teachers to be properly taught lessons, the teachers at my old school told me that I had a disability in learning math and I would never be able to properly learn mathematics. I noticed when I started using the Switched-On Education curriculum I was starting to learn! At the end of the program, I got an A in mathematics and English and the college I attended was amazed at my grades.

This would never have been a reality if it were not for the Switched-On Education curriculum. Many thanks to Graham and Cheryl.”


“Switched-On Education is fast and reliable”


“The first time EVER, that I have to TELL Mark to take a break from schoolwork!”


“She loves it so much I have to get her off her PC sometimes 🙂 It’s a great system!”