Our Fees

Our affordable monthly homeschooling fees cover all the online curriculum, assessments, and tests with a once-off £100 per family administration fee.

All prices are calculated on a monthly basis.

UK school years 4-6


with support
UK school years 7-9


with support
High School Diploma (UK school years 10-11) *


with support

* There will be a one-off additional charge of £150 on completion of the course to cover the cost of the Diploma, Transcript and Statement of Comparability which will be sent out in a presentation folder.

Home educators are responsible for monitoring the daily progress of the children. SwitchedOn Education requires one month’s written notice should the student no longer wish to continue with the curriculum. SwitchedOn Education is structured for continuous enrollment and the student is considered enrolled until the home educator gives one month notice and withdraws the student, in writing. No refunds are given for registration fees.

Disclaimer – unpaid invoices will lead to the curriculum being blocked until payment has been made. Unpaid fees will also prohibit the issuing of student’s transcript and diploma until the account has been settled.


Academic Support & Tutoring

Grading of the academic work, personal interaction, and motivation between student, qualified teacher, and staff, is provided.

Teams Conferences

Termly Teams conferences take place in groups with the students as well as home educators.


Communication takes place e-mail, Microsoft TEAMS, and on the built-in program.

Student Conferences

Creative and educational topics are discussed as a group according to the various ages.


The Institute has a mobile phone where WhatsApp messages can be sent to.


The program has a built-in Message and Help function which enables the student and teacher to speak directly with each other.


Academic Support: 9AM – 1PM during term time.
Office Hours: 9AM – 3PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What about handwriting? Is it all on the computer?

Younger children are encouraged to write their notes out on paper as well as their projects. Written questions can also be written out instead of typed on a computer.. All work is presented online but if home educators wish their students to complete work in written format this can be done when completing Projects or Science Experiments as well as any other manually graded work.

What are the recommended hours to be online daily?

Generally speaking, a student needs to be completing 2 assignments per subject per day. As the assignments are of varying lengths students should spend approximately 45 minutes per subject per day but this is subject to the length of assignment and number of sections per assignment coupled with the ability of the student. Please factor in all these components and remember to give students comfort and snack or food breaks throughout the day.

Will my student get their GCSEs?

The exit qualification is an American High School diploma that works on the credit system when completing subjects. If the student completes all the necessary work related to that subject, they will receive the assigned credits and when they have completed the necessary credits, they will receive the certificate. This certificate has been given a full UK statement of comparability by the UK Department of Education.

Does this curriculum cater for students with SEND?

Our Curriculum is recognized as a Certified Autism Resource by IBCCES. SwitchedOn Education allows teachers to create customised courses to meet the individual needs of each student.

Are there any additional costs?

The cost includes access to ALL subjects within the SwitchedOn Education curriculum. 

There will be a one-off additional charge of £150 on completion of the course to cover the cost of the Diploma, Transcript and Statement of Comparability which will be sent out in a presentation folder.

Students can book a tutor session via the SOE UK office should this be needed. Tutoring sessions will be charged at £25 per hour. However, parents are free to find their own provision or use free on line recourses where extra tuition is needed.

Who is the curriculum accredited by?

See ACSI accreditation and Cognia.

Equipment needed

1.Laptop/computer with a  reliable Wi-Fi signal
2. Microsoft Account including Teams